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Corporate Profile

Kato Suisan Co., Ltd is a food manufacturer which processes and sells traditional Japanese foods including kazunoko. Kato Suisan’s raw materials, such as herring roe, are imported mainly from Canada and US and processed in our Japanese factories. Our products are then shipped out to major distributors and retailers all over Japan.


CEO/Katou Takaaki

President & CEO / Takaaki Katou

Over a half century has passed since herring disappeared from the coastal waters of the Japan Sea, yet the Japanese market has made a continuous effort to maintain Japanese food traditions and in particular the traditional Japanese food “Kazunoko”. Through this collaboration between North American resources and Japanese experience and skill the market is now entering its prime time.

As our company has played a major role in this effort we have assured every step in the process is done with dedication to provide the best quality to meet consumers’ needs and to change with those needs over time.

Kato Suisan’s mission is to set the “Standard” for excellence. We aim at pursuing and becoming the standard of the industry, for the market and within Japan.

In setting and maintaining this “Standard”, we ensure not only the quality of our products themselves, but also ensuring the best hardware including all of the production line, our plant, factories and facilities. We have dedicated staffs who are motivated and have a positive attitude, they utilize the latest software and direct their skills, the technology and, IT systems and focus on our product development capability. Applying all of these operational resources simultaneously are essential factors of the “Standard”. We understand that becoming and setting the “Standard” can never be achieved without implementing and evolving each of these factors in balance.

These days, international quality control standards, such as ISO and HACCP are the focus of attention. We at Kato Suisan adopt and maintain the leading edge of state of the art quality standards to meet current and future demand for higher and higher quality. To be clear our stance is to set higher and higher requirements for ourselves as part of our corporate goals to consolidate our pride and privilege in serving our customers.

We will continue to make our best effort to achieve the customers’ highest evaluation for quality through providing a superior “Kazunoko” product.

Kato Suisan Co.,Ltd.

Since 1949
Established 1970
Capital JP¥ 45 million
Equity capital JP¥ 5.1 billion
CEO Yasutaka Katou
Employees 300
Industry Food manufacturing
Headquarters zip code:077-0043
Asahi-machi 3-chome 10-18 Rumoi, Hokkaido, Japan
Phone(0164)43‐3333   Fax(0164)43‐3111
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